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Phil Taylor hints at possibility of a darts comeback, saying the game lacks characters

Phil Taylor admits he has missed rival against Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen and has succeeded in making a comeback.
Taylor won 214 professional tournaments, including a record 85 major titles and a record 16 World Championships. He retired from the game.
‘The Power’ is a firm believer in advancements in darts, and the 59-year-old feels he’d have no problem re-adjusting now when he left a return.
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He has launched his new Generation 6 darts through Goal where the arrows have a new item of technology called Swiss Point that enables players to change the things on their darts at a matter of seconds, which has made Taylor consider creating a stunning return to the oche.
“I have enjoyed my retirement but all these new ideas are coming out, it’s like owning a brand new car and also being a racing car driver,” Taylor told Sky Sports.
“I would like to get another bash, especially at Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson. I really do miss that small bit of camaraderie. They say it is very quiet the practice room is lifeless and no one has any fun. The kids are currently standing there with iPods in their ears.
“Me and Aidy (Lewis) used to have a right laugh.”
Taylor asserts the game is currently lacking personalities on account of the quantity of money involved with competitions with players becoming more professional than ever.
“The game has gone quite serious with all the money involved and that I could understand them being really severe. If you don’t work 12, it is sometimes a career. If a few of these pros do not do something to reinvent themselves, they’re likely to go down the positions as fast as anything”
In addition, he admits not seeing any darts on TV, however that November he’d tune-in to see young Leighton Bennett, who has accepted the game by storm and can be in the Grand Slam of Darts.
“Somebody just asked me a question regarding Bennett and if he have a wildcard into Wolverhampton? My answer was that I do not watch the darts on TV but when Bennett gets a wildcard since he’s exciting I’ll see it. He’s a nightmare to play,” he explained.
Taylor conquered the youngster in March, but Bennett acquired his revenge, defeating the in the SAP Darts Slam at Frankfurt back.
“I’ve played with him a couple of times and he’s an absolute nightmare, because he’s a young lad and he’s great,” Taylor added. “He’s got no fear from him at all. I really like that in him.”
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It’s not long to wait patiently till darts is back on Sky Sports, the World Grand Prix gets underway on Sunday, October 6 at Dublin’s Citywest Arena October 12, and seven days of policy continues until the closing on Saturday.

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